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Today I am starting this new fresh blog while working on my Partner2Success course too. I hope that I can make this blog as informative for you as I possibly can and to become a save haven to store your hard burning questions in. Love to hear from you!

Last evening I had a seminar in The Hague and because of the distance to my home, I have decided to stay the night with a old friend of me who lives near The Hague. It was a great pleasure to meet him again and to see how this former collegue was doing nowadays after his retirement. Happily he was doing well and before we noticed it was very late. One of the great things we’ve discused was his new life.
How do you plan a retirement and how to stay physically and mentally healthy. Many babyboomers like him have to watch their physical condition regulary and indeed he is still in great shape.
One of the best things I can do is visiting him more often . . . and indeed that’s a great way to stay alert about the people around you!

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