My name is Jan Kaptein and my work background is being a technical specialist in the communication systems for the Defence industry. I’ve served a large range of satellite and other datacommunication systems on vessels, vehicles, planes and groundstations. Now for the last years I am specialising myself further into security of datacommunication and IP systems.

Next to my interesting technical job I have for many years the big desire in me to become a professional entrepreneur online. I’ve worked on many online projects in the past and several times these projects stopped without any or much success due lack of vision or focus. Sometimes it stopped when the huge costs went into programming or marketing. Though in every project I loved to work worldwide online and the great thing of working with all these different kind of people was, that I’ve build a huge contactlist of professional business people both in Linkedin, Facebook and SunZu (Ecademy). I’ve received many SunZu and Linkedin recommendations from these contacts too!

Today I’m still working on different projects and right now I am focused on the learning curve of the Partner2Success program of John Thornhill. He’s working with every student on a 1:1 basis and is always available for answering questions (his Support division works very well). I’ve seen great results online from his students and I’m looking forward to be added to his success list very soon!

When you want to contact or connect with me, then please sent your request by any of the social media above. I love to connect and work with you anytime. Lets start with a personal connection first:


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