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Social media can be a huge boost for your business, or it can be a massive waste of time. It depends on how you go about it. The key is to become clear on what you want social media to do for you (vision) and to then hone your efforts (mission) around that. Create an authentic online persona, make your purpose clear and then build relationships accordingly. By engaging other players in the industry via Twitter and other social media platforms, you’ll empower them to be your brand ambassadors and gaining credibility in the process.

Even Obama uses Twitter to drum up support
Social media is a great way to drum up conversation online about your business. Even 47th American President, Barack Obama took to social media to help him win two elections. The mission of his campaign was Involvement through Empowerment and he employed an online staff compliment which was ten times bigger than that of his 2008 opponent, Senator John McCain.

What can we learn from that?
Well, Obama did not just create a couple of social media accounts and left it at that. In the end he won by 365 electoral votes and 66.8 popular votes. He used this proven strategy and improved on it to ensure another victory in 2012 and in the process became the most popular president in social media.

Here is what we can learn from Team Obama’s social media success:
1. Focus on the individual – They did not sell the campaign, but rather on the human aspects of Obama.
2. Present a clear message – Obama focused on hope, change and action. What is your vision?
3. Build relationships – Be yourself. Listen. Ask questions.
4. Call to action – Obama wanted people to vote. What is your aim with social media?

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