The Dutch and the Sochi Olympics

Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer wins the 5000
Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer wins the 5,000

Today was the last event day for the Dutch speed skaters. These men and women dominated almost every distance at the Sochi Olympics. Today the Netherlands teams capped it’s dominant performance with two more gold medals this Saturday in team pursuit, bringing our nation’s haul to a staggering eight golds and 23 medals overall. These were the best Winter Olympic results for The Netherlands ever. I’ve enjoyed every moment when I could watch the Olympics these last two weeks on television or on internet streaming. This team was a group of young people who created together real ‘Teamspirit’ and even though they were competing each other during the matches, they were friends and motivating colleagues outside of the ice floor.

The reason of this success comes from ‘Training’ ‘Motivation’ and simply ‘Determination’  It’s ‘Hardwork’ and takes long training schedules to become on a successful level as these speed skaters shown at the Olympics. Offcourse you need talent too and experienced coaches. And offcourse a everyday available trainings facility like The Netherlands have in Heereveen will help too. But most of all you need ‘Motivation’. Speedskating is an individual sport (accept for today’s team pursuit), but you never do your exercises alone but in a Team.

The same happens when you want to become successful in any business. It doesn’t matter if you work online or offline, you need the same ‘Training’ ‘Motivation’ and ‘Determination’ to become successful in your business. And next to these aspects I found out personally that I needed a coach too that keeps me in line to my ultimate goal and to help me to focus to the next steps to make in my business. I was lucky when I found out the Partner2Success formula and now I’m in ‘Training’ with the best coach I could wish for. Now I’m on my way to my ultimate goal of success:  Gold!

Source of Photo: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

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