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The most basic ideas can have a profound affect on your success. Here is a rule that you should live by. It is a rule that is very basic, but can be very helpful with keeping you on track, and it can give you something to always go for.

You will discover the importance of writing down your goals, and yes it has to be written down. If you do not write them down it might get forgotten, or lost, that translates into wasted time. A written goal on the other hand can pave the road to success, and here is how. You write down a short-term goal like this one. You want to make $100 dollars this month. You then write underneath what You need to do to achieve that goal. In this case you would have to sell X amount of products, or services to make that $100. Then you jot down the individual steps that you need to take to sell that quantity of products, or services.

Here is a example (but offcourse there are many other promotions possible):
– Your Goal is to make $100 dollars this month.
– You need to sell 15 of this product.
Step 1: Advertise by pay per click!
Step 2: Learn how to use pay per click!
Step 3: Tell your prospects about your product. Ect?

By doing this very simple exercise you create a road map, a checklist to follow. Now we have a direct path that will lead us to accomplishing the goal that we set out for ourselves. The concept is very basic, and it works every time. As you walk through each step you come one step closer to achieving that goal. By achieving that goal you have just witnessed success.

There are more things that will need to happen before you see absolute success, but writing down your goals it is a good place to start. You may want to brush up on your online marketing skills. You see the other things that need to happen for anyone to see success is being taught the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the foundation of which everything is built on.

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