Your Facebook Page as a Marketing Tool

If your business does not have a Facebook page yet, you are missing out on a huge (global and local) audience of people. Facebook users go to Facebook pages all the time, but that won’t help if you are not there. And you don’t need to be a big business with a big budget to benefit from Facebook page marketing. Facebook pages allow you to promote your products and your services. If you use this opportunity wisely, you will gain increasing visibility for your business.

How do you do it?
The key is to strategically and consistently provide tips, advice, insights and useful statistics on your wall and to comment on pages belonging to your contacts. One of the best features where marketing is concerned (although this is a paid marketing tool), is that Facebook pages allow you to create targeted and trackable ads. Facebook ads work on a pay-per-click basis and they can be tailored to target your audience according to gender, location and age. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on “close relationships” with “responsive companies”. They love the way a Facebook page allows them to quickly and easily interact with a spokesperson who responds in person, whether it is on your wall or via instant messaging.

Here is a few tips to remember when dealing with your Facebook audience:
– Keep it interactive with videos, pictures, questions, and humour.
– Keep it personal – don’t only post professionally edited content.
– Be creative and flexible.
– Encourage audience involvement.

Customers also love being valued, so ask them questions and invite their opinions on product launches, preferences and promotions. This is the ultimate feather in the cap of a small business owner.

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