Your Facebook page can boost your Google ranking

Facebook Pages can help boost your Google rankings for your website. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet, you are missing out on a huge local and international market. You are missing the unique opportunity to be in your customers’ thoughts every day – even when they have not been to your store or office for a while – in an inobtrusive way. When you create a Facebook Page, you will create a professional business profile complete with products and services as well as a link to your website, affiliate URL or to a different site for reference.

Facebook delivers results to over 1 billion search queries a day. Most of them are for people, but a large chunk involves searches for company Facebook pages, brands and applications. Yours could be one of them. Your company is never too small for people to look for it on Facebook. If you deliver good service, people will follow you online. Stick up a sign inviting people to like your page. If you can’t put up a sign, have it printed on a business card, pamphlet, brochure or have your receipts pre-printed with all your contact details and remind them to like you on Facebook. By having them like and share your Facebook page posts, your Google rankings (and reach) increase without you lifting another finger.

Likes increase your reach, which is the amount of people who see your posts. With Facebook’s new tool, you can pay a negligible fee to increase your reach. This means that your posts will not only show up in the feeds of your fans, but also of non-fans. That boosts viral growth.Facebook audience that place likes on your page will become your pre-qualified target audience. You can run specials, promotions and competitions for your fans that will encourage them to buy what you have to offer.

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